Pricing Information

We have a no surprises policy when it comes to our fees.

Property Transactions:


First Home Buyer: (Includes 2 x Kiwisaver withdrawals & Kainga Ora if required)

$2,100.00 Including GST and disbursements 

Home Buyer (2nd or subsequent home)

$1,900.00 Including GST and disbursements

Land & Building purchase (½ invoiced at unco & ½ at settlement)

$2,450.00  Including GST and disbursements
 Refinancing to new lender $1,250.00  including GST and disbursements
 Sale of property $1,750.00  including GST and disbursements
Occupation Right Agreements start from $1,500.00  Including GST and disbursements

Contracting Out (pre nup) / Separation Agreements:

Drafting of Agreement starts from $1,500.00 Including GST and disbursements 

Independent Legal Advice starts from (when Agreement has been prepared by your ex-partner’s lawyer)

$600.00 plus GST and disbursements

Wills & EPOAs:


Simple Straightforward Wills start from

$450.00 plus GST for a single Will (or $750.00 plus GST for two simple straightforward wills prepared at the same time)

Enduring Powers of Attorney (full set)
Both types – Property AND Personal Care & Welfare

$550.00 plus GST

Enduring Powers of Attorney (2 full sets)
Both types – Property AND Personal Care & Welfare (for couples when completed at the same time)

$1,000.00  plus GST

Limited Licences (work licence):

Limited Licences start from $1,650.00 plus GST and disbursements 
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