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Customer service is what we do best because we understand that you need someone you can relate to; someone who remembers what it is to be human.

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Jo Wadmore LLB


Jo has established herself a loyal and varied client base over the years.

She believes that clients want to be informed, that they want to understand their position, and be spoken to in plain English, every time. It is easy for lawyers to fall into the trap of using unfamiliar terms and references that are often like a foreign language to people.

You will never be left wondering ‘what does that mean’ when dealing with Jo, she is known for her straight talking style, her prompt responses to client enquiries, and for accommodating clients in ways that suit them best - always ensuring her advice is accurate, thorough and prompt.

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Kirsten Pennell LLB


If you’re looking for someone who is knowledgeable, empathetic and speaks your language then look no further.

Kirsten started working in law in 2001, firstly as a Legal Secretary, then Legal Executive and finally as a Lawyer. Kirsten is passionate about helping people and ensuring clients feel informed, supported, and comfortable throughout.

Kirsten has a wealth of experience and enjoys working with clients to achieve their goals.

Find out how she can help you. Feel free to reach out by email or phone.

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Amy Gavin

Legal Assistant / Office Superstar
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Kendall Woodhouse

Legal Assistant

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