What do I need to do when a loved one dies?

We know that losing a loved one is difficult, which is why we work to ensure the smooth administration of estates, while also providing excellent advice and service.

We can assist with:
  • Applying for Probate (where there is a Will), or Letters of Administration (where there is no Will).
  • Administration of estates (i.e. closing the deceased’s bank accounts and investments, arranging for the sale of shares and distribution to beneficiaries).
  • Executorship advice. What are your obligations as an Executor or Administrator of an Estate? We will tell you.

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Funeral costs

Your solicitors can arrange for the funeral account to be paid directly from the deceased person’s bank accounts. Once the solicitors have received the original Death Certificate and funeral account, they can forward these to the bank to request that the funeral account be paid directly from the bank account of the deceased. This is the one exception to releasing funds from a deceased person's bank accounts before Probate or Letters of Administration are obtained.

Freeing you up to spend more time with family at this difficult time.

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