Limited Licences

Limited Licences, otherwise known as 'work licences' can be applied for if you have lost your licence through demerits or excess breath alcohol.

A Limited Licence will enable you to drive a particular vehicle only at limited times, in limited areas and only for specific situations (usually for work purposes only).

Are you eligible for a Limited Licence?

A Limited Licence can be granted by the Court if you can show that your suspension or disqualification would cause extreme hardship to you or undue hardship to another person.

For example:

If driving is part of your job and your employer will suffer hardship if you do not get a Limited Licence (e.g. by having to hire someone else to fill your job while you are disqualified) then this can constitute ‘undue hardship’ to your employer. This is the most common basis for a Limited Licence.

If you have a sick relative who depends on you for their important transportation needs (and who doesn’t have any other options) then this may constitute ‘extreme hardship’ to your relative.

Please note that mere inconvenience to yourself or others (e.g. not being able to drive your children to school) is not enough to satisfy the hardship requirement.

In addition, the Court must be satisfied that the granting of a Limited Licence would not be contrary to the interests of public safety. For example, your application may be declined if the Court believes that the granting of the application would be contrary to public safety where you have lost your licence due to ‘boy racer’ activity or reckless driving.

Please note that a Limited Licence application is not a mere rubber stamping by the Court. Each case is assessed on its individual merits. If your application is not successful you cannot re-apply for another 3 months.

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